5 Stud Poker Rules – Learn How to Play and Be the Best

5 Stud Poker Rules – Learn How to Play and Be the Best

Stud poker differs from all other poker kinds by its unique feature – some cards that are given to the gamer are revealed to everyone at the table. Such a rule has its own sense since such cards give all players in the game an opportunity to weight their chances to win.

Five card stud is not the most popular kind of this game, however, it was the earliest one and still has its fans around the world.

5 card stud poker rules: the gameplay steps

The game develops as the most poker games do. It has several rounds, in which cards are distributed and gamers make their moves. Only one deck of 52 cards is applied in the stud. The circles of the game are the following:

  1. in the beginning, the ante bets are made by all gamers to form the initial winning pool;
  2. in the first circle, all gamers are distributed with two cards: one seen only to the player and one revealed to everyone; after that gamers proceed with poker moves: check, raise, flop, call;
  3. in the second, third, and fourth circles, all gamers receive one more revealed card in each circle and again proceed with some actions;
  4. in the fifth circle, all gamers reveal their first hidden card and the winner is named;

5 stud poker rules say that the winner is determined by the poker hand of all five cards that players received during the circles, after all hands are compared. The best combined hand of all present on the table wins.

Types of five card stud poker

Stud poker with five cards can be played with particular variations. For example, in some online casinos, gamers are distributed with two hidden cards instead of one – the last given card is also concealed. Other variants of the stud game are:

  • Hi-Lo 5 card Stud – it is played with 5 stud poker rules, but in the end of the game, the winning pool is divided between the winner with the highest combination and the winner with the lowest combination;
  • Lowball – the five card game, which defines the winner only by the lowest combination according to any low poker ranking system;
  • Hi-Lo with a Buy – the addition here is that any gamer can claim the replacement of one of his cards after all circles of betting; the hidden card is exchanged with the hidden one and the revealed card is exchanged with one that everyone can see;
  • Sökö or California Stud – this game develops as the standard one, and the only difference is how final poker combos are estimated; this type has two new card combinations that are ranked between a pair and two pair: 4 straight and 4-flash.

You can easily play all these kinds online and study rules of poker 5 card stud for each of them.