Stud poker strategy: beat the dealer

Stud poker strategy: beat the dealer

Two incredibly interesting and exiting kinds of stud poker are Mississippi kind and Caribbean kind. Both of them are popular around the world and can be accessed easily in most online casinos.

Both types possess their own tips that can help all players, especially newbies, to facilitate the process of decision making during the game and increase their chances of winning.

Mississippi Stud game

The game is very easy to play and once you learn all the steps, you will feel totally free and confident in the gameplay. The next steps highlight the development of the game:

  1. firstly, all ante bets are placed;
  2. secondly, all gamers are distributed with two hidden cards; the croupier also place three concealed cards in the middle for the common use;
  3. thirdly, after gamers analyzed the received cards, they can either cease the game (fold) or place another bet;
  4. fourthly, the croupier reveals one common card on the table;
  5. in fifth to eighth steps, the same actions repeated: gamers make their decision to fold or increase the bet and the croupier reveals the rest of the common cards;
  6. for the final step, the winner is defined.

The bet that is made at third to seventh steps should be of one to three times the ante. There is a particular casino stud poker strategy for Mississippi Stud that can be learned and used to enhance your chances.

Mississippi Strategy

The strategy uses the following rules:

  • cards should be calculated: faces give 2 points, from 6 to 10 – 1 point, and from 2 to 5 give zero;
  • with 2 cards known, you bet 3x with a pair, 1x with 2 points and more or suited 5/6;
  • with 3 cards known, you bet 3x with any hand from mid pair, royal flash and straight flash draws, 1x with 3 suited cards, a low pair, 3 points and more, and a straight draw;
  • with 4 cards known, you bet 3x with any hand from mid pair, four to flash or to straight from 8 high, 1x with other straight, low pair, and 4 points.

In all other cases, you should fold.

Caribbean Stud

This type is played against the croupier and follows the next rules:

  1. in the beginning, gamers place ante bets and a progressive side bet (if they want);
  2. gamers and the croupier are distributed with 5 hidden cards except one of the croupier’s;
  3. next, gamers proceed with folding or increasing the ante two times according to stud poker strategy tips for Caribbean stud;
  4. then, the croupier reveals his cards and regarding his qualification, the winner is named.

The croupier qualifies, if he has an ace and a king or higher. In case of qualification, a gamer loses his ante and bet if the croupier’s hand is better and a gamer is paid if the croupier’s hand is worse. The bets are pushes in cases of a tie or non-qualification.

The whole strategy for this kind of stud is quite complex and takes time to understand and learn. Therefore, two main tips can be named for facilitating. The first is that you should raise with a combination from a pair and higher. Then second is that if there is less than the dealer’s qualifying hand (ace/king), you should fold.